Do You Charge Skinning Fees?

Yes.  If you wish to keep your hide, we charge skinning fees from $40 to $100 depending upon the species.  We do offer caping services as well for an additional fee.  Visit our Taxidermy page for more details.

Do You Charge Cleaning Fees?

Yes.  Dry, Dirty, Hairy, Blood Shot or Excessively Shot animals create more work for our staff.  Any carcass/meat charged a cleaning fee can expect a 15-25% maximum yield.  We reserve the right to refuse any animal for any reason.  We will refuse carcass/meat that does not meet our standards.  Please take care when handling your carcass/meat in the field.

Can I Change My Order?

No.  Because we operate on a production line once your order is input into our system we are unable to make changes.  We review your order with you prior to performing a final submission into our system.  It is your responsibility to ensure your order is correct prior to signing our invoice.

Can Anyone Drop Off My Meat?

You can assign another person over the age of 18 to drop-off your meat and place your order for you.  However, it is highly recommended that your discuss in detail the products and services you desire with the person dropping off at our location.  We will not be responsible for orders made in error by your representative.  

Do You Take Orders Over the Phone?

No.  If you are having another individual over the age of 18 drop-off for you, they MUST have an order ready when it is their turn to complete the invoice in our office.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ORDERS OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OVER THE PHONE.

When Do I Have to Pay?

We require at least a 50% Deposit in Cash, Check or Charge at the time of drop-off.  Your remaining balance will be due at the time of order completion.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS or CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS AT PICKUP.

Will You Store My Fresh Carcass/Meat?

We will store fresh meat/carcasses at a rate of $50 per day per invoice.  This fee is payable in cash only.  Storage is based on availability and offered on a first come, first serve basis.  

Do You Accept Reservations?

At this time, we operate on a first come, first serve basis.  Reservations are not required.  We are located at 2885 Depew Street in Wheat Ridge Colorado.  During busier seasons, you can expect to see a line but don't worry, we will get to you as soon as we can!

Can I Donate My Animal?

Yes.  5280 Processing gladly accepts donations of legally hunted or ranched animals.  We work with several food banks in the area who appreciate your kindness.  There is a $25 fee for donation to help cover the cost of processing.  

We are required to collect the hunter's name, address, phone number, hunter's identification number, carcass tag and signature of donor.

Do You Accept Frozen Meat?

We will accept Previously Processed Meat that is in Packages.

Frozen Carcasses or Portions of a Carcass will not be accepted.  Hunters should thaw their carcass or portion of the carcass out prior to bringing to 5280 Processing.

This policy helps ensure:

1. We can verify evidence of sex.

2. We are able to verify the condition of the carcass.

3. We are able to verify what meat (loins, tenders, etc.) are present.

Do I Need My Invoice Copy to Pickup?

Yes!  You are given a copy of your invoice.  PLEASE KEEP THIS INVOICE WITH YOU OR TAKE A PICTURE OF IT ON YOUR PHONE.  You need this invoice to pickup your order.  We do not file by name or phone so your invoice number is the only way we can discuss your order with you.  Your invoice proves your ownership!  ORDERS WILL NOT BE RELEASED WITHOUT A COPY OF THE INVOICE.

Can You Store My Order Until I'm Ready to Pickup?

No!  We do not have room to store your completed orders.  Once your order has been completed, you will need to pickup following the instruction given on your invoice. Orders not picked up within 60 days from the first date of notification will be considered abandoned and sold, donated or returned to the Division per Colorado law.  There are no refunds on abandoned orders.


Can You Save My Bones?

Yes.  We will save bones at a flat rate of $10.  Bones must be picked up with your PART I Order.  

What About Inedible Meat?

We can package your inedible meat for a flat rate of $10.  This makes great pet food.  

Do I Need A Carcass Tag?

YES!  A valid carcass tag is required for all orders over 20 lbs.  Your CARCASS TAG needs to be with your meat AT ALL TIMES.  Your hunting license can be used for any taxidermy projects you may have planned.  We will retain your carcass tag until you pickup your order.  You should keep your carcass tag with your meat in your freezer until it has been fully consumed.  

I'm Hunting Out of State, What Documents Do I Need?

Regardless of the state, a valid hunting license or carcass tag is required.  Some states may have you check in online and offer a confirmation number.  This number should be recorded on your license or carcass tag.  Please check with the local game warden in the state you are hunting in for more details.  

My Animal Came From A Private Ranch

That is great!  We find most of these animals are in great shape and well-cared for.  Each ranch should give you a receipt or documentation indicating you purchased the animal from them.  Please bring this documentation with you.

Have Other Questions?

Still have questions, please refer to our 2019 Fee Schedule for more information.  

Road Kill

Any road kill must have a donation certificate from the Division or State Patrol.  

Chronic Wasting Disease

Hunters may elect to have their game tested by the Division.  

Should a hunter receive a positive test result, we ask that they notify us ASAP.

All CWD+ animals must be turned over to the Colorado Division of Wildlife in Fort Collins.  

5280 Processing is happy to make the delivery for you.

We DO NOT issue refunds on any CWD+ orders.  


Hunters will drop off in the alley located next to our office located at 2885 Depew Street in Wheat Ridge.  

We operate on a first come, first serve basis.  

After your animal has been weighed, you will receive a Intake Tag that requires you to complete your personal information and hunter identification number.  

Please park your car then return to our office to complete your order.  

Work Area

Please be mindful that you are dropping off and picking up in a work area.  We advise you to stay inside the orange safety cones.  We ask that you watch your step, look above and behind you when walking or driving in the area.  We cannot be responsible for damage to vehicles and people.

Dry - Aging

We do not recommend letting your animal hang or dry-age.  Wild game does not have enough natural fat to allow the dry-aging process to benefit your cuts.  However, we will hang your animal per your request, IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE. 

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The fine print

Presentation of tags, licenses or receipts are required prior to acceptance of your carcass/meat.  

Processing charges are based on the hanging weight of your animal as it is received.  

Animals typically lose 3 to 5 pounds in moisture loss while hanging.  We do not recommend aging your game meat longer than the processing time would normally take.  

Loss from cutting and shrinkage can range from 30% to 50% depending upon the condition of the carcass/meat as we receive it.  

Because these are wild animals, we CANNOT and WILL NOT be responsible for the quality and nutritional value of your meat.

All wild animals eat, drink and live different lives therefore, each animal will cut, grind and taste different regardless of how many times you have hunted in the same area.  As a reminder, there is no rancher in the field monitoring the health of your animal - it is your responsibility as a hunter to ensure you are taking healthy animals and caring for them properly.  

We are not responsible for excess cutting losses due too dirtiness or improperly maintained meat.  

Because we produce our sausage and jerky by hand, we reserve the right to be +/- 0.50 lbs. on each order.

All orders over 20 lbs.. REQUIRE proper documentation.  

Because we are regulated by the Division, we must follow their rules and regulations.  We are required too report suspicious activity.  Refunds WILL NOT be issued on any carcass/meat that is seized by the Division.

All Sales are Final.

Bulk Sausage and burger Packaging

Breakfast Bulk Sausage


Our Breakfast Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with  

Blue Tape.

Chorizo Bulk Sausage


Our Chorizo Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with

Green Tape.  

Italian Bulk Sausage


Our Italian Bulk Sausage will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with Yellow Tape.



Our Burger will be packaged in a poly chub and tied with Orange Tape.