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kids are always welcome

Our Kids Korner

5280 Processing has created a Kids Korner in our new office that has crafts and activities available for children while their parents drop-off their wild game.

kids korner

Benefits of Teaching Children to Hunt

Children like to do whatever the adults in their life do.  Teaching children to hunt helps develop positive life skills like discipline, patience, endurance and learning to deal with disappointment.  We can all agree that these skills will help children develop into well-rounded adults.  Besides life skills, there are several other benefits to teaching your child to hunt.

1. Bonding Time

2. Creating Family Traditions

3. Teaching Conversation

4. Connecting to the Outdoors

5. Promoting Health and Fitness

6. Teaching Responsibility

7. Building Confidence

8. Teaching Gun Safety

Plus, teaching children to hunt will help this sport thrive for generations to come!