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We are an official drop-off location for 

Rocky Mountain Tanners and 

Adventures Wildlife Studio.  

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Drop-Off Site

Caping Services

Caping Services

5280 Processing will gladly accept your big game head or hide for processing with Rocky Mountain Tanners or Adventures Wildlife Studios.

Your head/hide will be labeled with your full name, phone number and what you are interested in having done.  

Once the taxidermist collects your head/hide, they will contact you for additional information as well as payment details.

Caping Services

Caping Services

Caping Services

Caping Services will ONLY be offered through Rocky Mountain Tanners.

Customers who intend on using a different taxidermist 

will be charged a $150 Caping Fee.  

Heads/Hides must be collected by the hunter within 

24 hours of notification.

Customers planning on using our partners will not be charged for 

Caping Services as that is included in the cost your mount.




We do not have room to store your heads or hides.  Once you have been notified that your head/hide has been completed it must be collected within 

24 hours or a $50 per day storage fee will apply.

We will not be responsible for any damage to your head or hide if it is not collected within the 24 hour period.




If you will be using one of our partners for your hide, there will not be any skinning charges.  Rocky Mountain Tanners will come to our location and skin your animal. They will then take your hide to their location and contact you for additional information as well as payment details.

If you will not be using our partner for your hide or you do not want your hide returned to you, there will be skinning charges.  

Please see our Pricing Guide for additional details.

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