Welcome Hunters

5280 Processing is a family owned and operated business with more than 100 years of combined wild game processing experience.  

We are located at 2885 Depew Street in Wheat Ridge, Colorado - just 4 blocks West of Sheridan on 29th Avenue.  

Accepted Forms of Payment


At the time of drop-off you will be asked to pay at least 50% of your total balance due.

Payment at Drop-Off

At the time of drop-off, we accept:


Credit/Debit Cards

Personal or Business Checks

Payment at Pick Up

At the time of pick up, we accept:


Credit/Debit Cards

Cash Discount

Customers paying in cash will receive a 

5% Cash Discount 

as this helps save us cost from our 

credit card processing provider.

Credit Balances

Customers must have their gift card with them in order for payment to be accepted.  We DO NOT accept handwritten notes and have no access to credit balances written on note-cards.

Gift Cards

At this time we will ONLY accept the following 

gift cards:

Red Gift Cards

White Gift Cards 

What We Do


What We Accept

5280 Processing accepts ALL BIG GAME INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO  Antelope, Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Buffalo, Caribou, Deer, Elk,  Mountain Goat, Waterfowl and Wild Boar.

We accept:

Whole Carcasses


Boneless Meat

Previously Processed Meat and Grind

All Big Game and Waterfowl must be received in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife. 

Frozen Meat

We do not accept frozen carcasses or quarters.  Your carcass and/or quarters must be thawed prior to acceptance.  

However, previously processed frozen meat is accepted during any season.   

We implemented this policy to help ensure our staff can verify:

Evidence of Sex

What Meat is Received

Help Increase Yields

Basic Processing

Our Basic (Part I) Processing includes your choice of Steaks, Roasts and Burger with up to 10% Beef Fat. Steaks and Roasts are Vacuum Sealed and Flash Frozen.  Burger is wrapped in approx. 1 lb. Poly Chubs and tied with orange tape.  Steaks are cut to approx. 1 inch.  Roasts will vary depending upon the size of your animal as well as the condition the animal was received in.   

Part I Processing will be complete and ready for pickup in 7-10 days.

Sausage, Jerky and Specialty Products (Part II)

As hunters ourselves, we understand the time and energy put into keeping your carcass/meat clean and cared for.  Because of this, we do not mix animals when making any of our specialty products.  

This is why our process can take up to 16 weeks depending upon the season you dropped off in 

as well as what you ordered.  

5280 Processing offers a wide variety of wild game meats including:

Raw Sausage in Bulk or Link

Smoked Logs, Links and Sticks

Ground Jerky

Brick Chili

Wild Game Bacon


Our Process

Wild Game Processing Services

Our Processing Services are based on hanging weight and range from $1.40 to $2.00/lb. depending upon how we receive your carcass.

Animals typically lose 3 to 5 lbs. in moisture loss while hanging.  Loss from cutting and shrinkage can range from 30-50% depending upon the condition of your carcass/meat.

Wild Game Processing Orders

At the time of drop-off, you will be issued an intake tag.  This tag includes the weight and description of your carcass/meat.  

You will then be asked to park your vehicle and proceed to our office where we will take your wild game processing order.

We require a person over the age of 18 to be present at the time of drop-off.  

We do not accept orders or payment over the phone so please review our products and services prior to sending another party in to place your wild game processing order.

At least 50% of your balance is due at the time of drop-off.  At drop-off, we accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards and/or Checks.

Wild Game Processing Invoice

After you have placed your wild game processing order, you will be given an INVOICE which reviews your order, payment as well as your pickup dates.

Please keep this invoice with you as proof of ownership and payment.

We WILL NOT release any order without an Invoice.  If you are sending another party to pickup your order, please send the Invoice with them or text them a copy of the front and back so we can verify ownership and release orders.

Wild Game Basic Processing

Your Wild Game Basic Processing (Part I) will be complete and ready for pickup in 7 to 10 days.  At the time you place your order, we will review the pickup dates with you.  

Please keep in mind, we do charge storage fees as we do not have room to store orders.

Wild Game Part II Processing

Your Wild Game Processing of sausages, jerky and specialty items may take up to 16 weeks depending upon the season you dropped off in as well as what you ordered.  

Completed Part II orders are posted on this site as well as on our Facebook page.  

You may also elect to receive mass email alerts by subscribing below.  

Wild Game Rush/Express Processing

We do offer a Rush and Express Service to help hunters traveling to Colorado to hunt.

Our Rush Service offers completed orders in 3 business days from drop-off and costs $50 per invoice/order.

Our Express Service offers completed orders in 24 hours from drop-off and costs $100 per invoice/order.  Please note all Part II orders must be placed by 12 pm to qualify and some items may not be available for this service.

Quick Facts to Help Answer Your Questions

Wild Game Cleaning Fees

We do charge cleaning fees.  

Dry, dirty, hairy and excessively blood shot carcasses/meat create additional work for our staff and therefore will be charged an additional $0.25/lb.

If any cleaning fee is recorded on your intake form, please note you can expect a 15-25% maximum yield.  

Right to Refuse Wild Game

We reserve the right to refuse any carcass for any reason and we WILL REFUSE carcasses that are excessively dirty, dry, hairy or shot.  

We do not wish to possibly contaminate another hunter's meat because care was not taken in the field or during transport.  

There are many videos online to assist you in the proper ways to keep your meat safe and clean after the kill.

Wild Game Skinning Fees

We do charge skinning fees.

Skinning an animal takes additional time for our staff, therefore, we do charge additional fees that range from $40-$100 depending upon the species of the animal received.

Animals received with the hide on will be inspected for further damage, etc. after the hide has been removed.  This inspection may lower your yield as we may discover damage to the carcass that was unseen during intake.  You will be notified on any changes to your order or additional costs.  

Wild Game Products

All Products are Gluten and MSG Free.  

Some allergens may exist such as soy and diary.  Some of our spices are produced in plants that may handle tree nuts.  If you have allergies to any of these products, we recommend you avoid ordering these products.

Wild Game Order Changes

Once your order has been entered into our system, we are unable to make order changes.  

We recommend you review our Products List and discuss in detail the pricing with your hunting party and/or family prior to arriving.

Wild Game Carcass Tags

Presentation of carcass tags and/or ranch receipts are required at the time of drop-off. 

Your taxidermist can accept your Hunting License but we MUST HAVE your CARCASS TAG or RANCH RECEIPT to accept your carcass/meat.

If you do not have the correct documentation or you cancel your order, we will cold store your carcass/meat for a maximum of 24 hours.  After this period, the Division will be notified that your carcass/meat is abandoned.  All cancelled and/or held orders are stored at a rate of $50 per order.

Where We Are Located

5280 Processing

2885 Depew Street, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80214, United States


Drop us a line!


Wild Game Processing Hours

Our Hours

Please note, our hours change based on hunting seasons.  Please do not rely on hours posted on other sites such as Google.  

Our current hours will always be posted on this site as well as on our Facebook page.

Wild Game Processing Receiving Hours

Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

10 am to 3 pm

Hunters MUST BE in line 15 Minutes prior to our listed closing times in order to be served.

If space allows and staff is available, we MAY offer late drop-offs.  In order to compensate our staff, there will be a $75/animal late 

Wild Game Pick Up Hours

Daily 10 am to 3 pm

You Will Be Issued a Pick Up Date for Your 

Part I Order

 Please Refer to Your Invoice for Estimated Completion Dates for 

Part II Orders

Part II Orders WILL Receive a Call When the 

Order is Complete

Calls regarding the status of your order will not be returned until your order is complete and ready for pick up.  We have instituted this policy to allow us more time to produce your products.